Cardboard drums – round

This cardboard drum is made of different materials and combines the many advantages of the raw materials used in its manufacture. The top of the drum is fastened with a galvanised metal clamp ring, which is resistant to corrosion.un-keur



  • With lid and clamp ring.
  • Available with UN Solid approval (UN approved for solids) in combination with a plastic liner (plastic bag inside).
The body
The cylinder-shaped drum is manufactured from flat-rolled kraft board made from natural fibres. It provides resistance and is also corrosion-proof and lightweight. Various protective layers (coatings) can be applied both on the inside and outside. These coatings are chosen according to which type of product is to be packed.

The base of the drum
The base is made of layered kraft board and reinforced with metal rims.

The lid
The lid is made of layered kraft board, metal or plastic.

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