• Different types of caps

    Different types of caps

    Caps with an Induction Heat Seal (IHS) insert are specially designed to show that a bottle is unopened. The caps have an adhesive layer on the inside. When the cap comes into contact with an induction field, the layer of aluminium or foil is heated and melts at the cap opening, giving the packaging an […]

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  • NEW: Personalise metal drums

    NEW: Personalise metal drums

    Are you looking for a unique way to showcase your company logo or brand? We can print your logo or design on a metal drum using digital printing. How it works? The process is simple. You first choose the design you want on your barrel. This could be your company logo or any other image. […]

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  • New products in our product range

    New products in our product range

    Our range is regularly expanded with new packaging possibilities. Ask our advice for the SPECIALS below! Vitamin jars Post-Consumer Recycled jerrycans (UN approved) IBC containing recycled material Grease cartridges Bottles with window & graduation stripe Putty cans Our team is always ready to help you! Call us +32 (0)52 21 22 77 or send your […]

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  • Recycling of IBCs

    Recycling of IBCs

    Used IBCs are always recyclable. There are two possible processes for recycling IBCs

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  • History and future of Moens Packaging

    History and future of Moens Packaging

    100 years of Moens Packaging, 5 generations, 1 family. Discover our company story.

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  • Plastic Packaging Tax

    Plastic Packaging Tax

    Since April 1, the Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) has been introduced in the United Kingdom.

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  • Stock clearance February 2023

    Stock clearance February 2023

    Packaging in Plastic, Metal and Glass on offer at exceptional prices.

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