• Improvement of open top metal drums

    Improvement of open top metal drums

    Greif improvement of the 200L UN Liquid drums – no production of 200L drums from 6-17the of June 2024 With this notification we would like to inform you that Greif have scheduled an improvement on their large steel drum production line in Ghent. Between June 6 and June 17, they will replace a part of…

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  • Single-Use Plastics directive

    Single-Use Plastics directive

    EU Directive 2019/904, also known as the Single-Use Plastics Directive, is an EU rule designed to reduce plastic waste. A specific rule in this directive says that from July 2024, beverage containers up to 3 litres for single-use can only be sold if the cap remains on during use. This should reduce the number of…

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  • What is In-Mould-Labeling (IML)?

    What is In-Mould-Labeling (IML)?

    In-Mould Labelling (IML) is a process in which labels are placed directly into the mould or die during the injection moulding process before the plastic is injected. This ensures that the label and packaging melt together, giving you an even end product. Advantages:  Disadvantages: 

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  • What does our logo represent?

    What does our logo represent?

    Our logo Our logo contains the Yin-Yang symbol, which symbolises balance, harmony and connectedness. This symbolism reflects the cooperation between Moens Packaging, its customers and suppliers. Moens Packaging’s customers and suppliers fulfil complementary roles, similar to Yin and Yang. Moens Packaging is a strong link between them to build and maintain good, reciprocal relationships. In…

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  • How are PET bottles produced?

    How are PET bottles produced?

    PET bottles can be manufactured in a 1-stage process or a 2-stage process.Discover the difference below: 1-stage (One-Step) Process: 2-stage (Two-Step) Process: The 2-stage process is divided into two separate steps: Summary: Both processes result in high-quality PET bottles suitable for food packaging and other applications. 🌟

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  • Why is an UN quality label so important in packaging?

    Why is an UN quality label so important in packaging?

    The UN quality mark, also known as the ‘UN Packaging Code’ or ‘UN certification’, is mandatory in packaging used for the transport of hazardous substances or products. Below are a few reasons why the UN approval is so important: In short, UN approval is crucial for the safety, legal compliance, international acceptance, reliability and environmental…

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  • Planting of our “food forest”

    Planting of our “food forest”

    In early December 2023, we started planting our own food forest at our site in Grembergen (Dendermonde). Our colleagues worked to plant various young fruit trees, including cherry, pear, apple, mirabel and many more. Currently, the first steps have been taken, but further planting of the food forest with various fruit bushes, herbs and more…

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  • My Recyled Content portal (Valipac)

    My Recyled Content portal (Valipac)

    What does this entail?Valipac awards a €50/tonne recycling bonus to companies that buy plastic packaging that: Thanks to this portal, companies can find producers/distributors who sell recycled packaging. Our customers can get this bonus if they buy our products listed on the “My Recycled Content” portal. Advantages Recycled plastic Packaging Reduce plastic waste and encourage…

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