Policy statement

As a wholesaler in industrial packaging, we always want to provide our customers with the best packaging solution. Our wide range of packaging, customized stock management, well-equipped infrastructure and our know-how, makes us a reliable partner in the distribution of packaging. We strive for a high level of quality, with attention to people, the environment and society.

UN quality labels

If you have questions about the UN quality labels and the necessary packaging, feel free to contact us.

ISO 9001

IQnet and AIB-Vincotte International hereby certify that the organization                                                                                                  

  • Moens Verpakkingen 
  • Zeelsebaan 24
  • 9200 Dendermonde

for the following field of activities: Wholesale trade services of industrial packagin materials has implemented and maintains a Management system which fulfils the requirement of the following standard: ISO9001:2015.

You do your core business,

we the packaging

The right packaging for the right product is extremely important. It makes a world of difference and can even be cost effective in the long run.