Spray bottles

As well as round PE bottles that can be fitted with an atomiser (if they have the correct opening), we also have specific bottles for gun sprays (atomisers). These are more ergonomic and are designed to be easy to hold.

⭐️ NEW: A 1-litre spray bottle made from 75% PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) or recycled material, and a 750ml spray bottle specially designed for child-resistant sprays (type TS3).



  • These spray bottles are usually purchased in combination with a gun spray (atomiser)
  • This spray bottle can also be purchased with a regular cap next to the atomiser. This facilitates the transport of filled bottles.

Minimum order quantity
Bottles in stock can be bought per box.

Customise your packaging
Bottles can be produced in different colours with printed sleeve or label on request.
Printed packaging is available from +- 10,000 pieces.

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