Reconditioned open top metal drums

When drums are reconditioned by flame cleaning, they are thoroughly cleaned, shot-blasted, dents are repaired, fitted with new linings, both inside and out, and if required, customised with your logo. These drums are therefore difficult to distinguish from new drums. Drums that have been reconditioned by flame cleaning are available with the same specifications as new drums with a lid. Chemical cleaning of drums with a lid is a more cost-effective solution. In this case, the original layers of paint are not removed and only the outside is repainted. However, in terms of quality, these drums do not look as good as new drums.un-keur



  • Available with or witWood inner coating.
  • UN Solid (UN approved for solids) or UN Liquid (UN approved for liquids).
  • Available with cap(s) 2″( + ¾”) in the lid.
  • Available in combination with a liner or round bottom bag.

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