Pails with curl lid

These conical buckets or pails are closed with a lid that is clamped around the bucket. To close the lid, you need to use manual or automatic pliers.un-keur



  • Either with or without inner coating:
    • Pails with inner coating are suitable for water-based products.
    • Pails without inner coating (plain) are suitable for solvents, powders and non-water-based products.
  • These pails are conical and can be stacked, so they can be inserted into each other after emptying thereby taking up less space.
  • The closing system allows the pail to be opened and closed many times.
  • The pails can be offered with UN Solid (UN approved for solids) as well as with UN Liquid (UN approved for liquids)
More information about the UN quality approved standard.

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