Hand-operated pumps and drum taps

These pumps for drums, IBC’s and jerrycans are extremely fast since the product is pumped during the up and down movement. Because they only have a minimum number of moving parts, their internal friction is correspondingly low. The flow rate per movement varies depending on the height of the pump: the flow rate for the drum pump is +-400ml. Plastic FLUXX® taps can be fitted to the 2″ or 3/4″ opening of a plastic or metal drum.


Advantages pump

  • these drum pumps are made of 100% PP
  • no seals come into contact with the product
  • anti-drip system
  • lock mechanism
  • also suitable for products with a high degree of viscosity
  • easy to clean
  • also suitable for oil, acids, bases, resin, …
Advantages tap
  • Fast pouring without splashing
  • Suitable for filling bottles with an opening of 288mm
  • Suitable for food products
  • High chemical resistance