Fluorinated bottles

The fluorinated bottles are treated with fluorine gas during the moulding process which creates a barrier. This prevents migration of the filled product through the polyethylene wall. The bottles will no longer deform by implosion when filled with solvents, herbicides or other volatile chemicals. Problems with labels falling off bottles due to the adhesive dissolving or solvent migrating through the wall are avoided.un-keurvoedingsgeschikt



  • Available caps available: childproof caps, sealed caps, venting caps or caps with induction seal or insert.
  • As well as inline fluorination, post-fluorination of the bottles is also an option. Already existing bottles/jars can be fluorinated.
  • To be used in combination with a cap with induction seal or insert to avoid migration along the cap.
  • Should fluorinated bottles prove unsuitable, as an alternative barrier packaging, we can also offer Specificaties multilayered COEX bottles or a combination of COEX and fluorination.
Extra information about barrier packaging

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