Plastics packaging for every sector



Moens Packaging offers a total solution for industrial packaging. With our elaborate product range with more than 4000 types, we have a large offer of plastic packaging.

By means of different parameters you choose the plastic packaging that meets the needs of your product. It is essential to select the right type of packaging for the right uses. Many of our plastic products comply with the UN legislation.

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Advantages of plastic packaging in the industrial sector

A plastic packaging is available in many forms, but what are the advantages?

  • The material is durable and water proof.
  • Most (soft) plastics absorb shocks and tremors.
  • The inert packaging materials do not go sour, have a neutral PH value and are durable.
  • Some plastic packaging are see-through, which enables you to still see the contents.
  • Plastic packaging can be completely recycled and reused for new products.
  • Often approved for foods.
voordelen van kunstverpakkingen

Below we will take a look at our different plastic packaging per product type and sector.

Plastic packaging for chemical products

Plastic packaging for oils, fats and bitumen

Since, oils, fats and  bitumen (a dark sticky substance in crude oil) do not break themselves down, it is important to provide a very leak proof packaging, to protect our environment.

Plastic packaging for laboratories and Pharma

In addition to all the plastic packaging applicable in the chemical sector, we also offer measuring spoons in polystyrene and dosing cups in polypropylene.

Our plastic packaging suitable for laboratories and pharma are provided with special closures.

Plastic packaging for foods and drinks

Plastic packaging is ideal for packing food in a hygienic way.

Plastic packaging for paint and inks

Finally, we also like to mention our IBC containers. IBC’s our applicable for chemical products as well as foods and drinks.

IBC is a product somewhere in between a drum and a tank. You can easily transport it thanks to the attached pallet in wood, plastic or metal.

For flammable liquids we advise a conductive IBC. This conductive IBC, also known as ATEX container, is surrounded by a metal cage with electrostatic qualities.

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