All inclusive packaging solutions



You take care of your CORE BUSINESS, we take care of the PACKAGING!

Moens Packaging manages all your packaging needs while you focus on your core activities: production and filling. This ideal packaging solution will save you time, work and worries.

We provide only the best solutions for all your packaging needs!

Are you thinking of totally outsourcing your purchasing, stock management, just-in-time delivery, … of your packaging materials?  

With our expertise, extensive know-how of packaging materials, large warehouse facilities, financing of your supplies, we take care of the packaging and you take care of your core business !

No risk or responsibility as long as the materials haven’t been delivered to your company

•     Guaranteed deliveries of all your packaging materials within the desired timeframe

•     More time available to concentrate on your core business activities

•     Optimal use of available space

With our more than 4,500 different types of packaging ranging from 100 ml to 1,000 litres that can be delivered from stock, we can offer you several advantages:


Contact Moens Packaging for further information on our wholesale company specializing in packaging materials or for an entirely non-committal price quotation.

Meer weten? Contacteer ons gerust voor meer informatie of een offerte (zonder enige verplichtingen). 

Ontdek ook onze producten en vraag via de website een vrijblijvende kostenanalyse aan!

You do your core business,

we do packaging

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