This year, we do something new



In 2021, we joined the United Packaging Forest project. We contributed by planting 600 trees.

This year, Moens Packaging is going to do something new. We will engage in the expansion of valuable wetlands! To this end, we are engaging in a project of Vzw Durme.

Moens Packaging is helping to restore the habitat of the otter. This valuable, but also vulnerable wetland helps bridge longer periods of drought on the one hand, and forms a buffer against heavy rainfall on the other. And did you know that wet nature itself sequesters more CO2 than forest?
Vzw Durme therefore wants to plant more than 10 hectares of new (marsh) forest in the coming years and thus capture CO2.

With your help, we want to do our bit!
For every € 10.000 turnover in ecological packaging, Moens packaging will invest in the restoration of 15m² of wetland and optimally equip it as a habitat for the otter.

In the first 6 months of 2022 Moens Packaging has already realised 32,75% turnover in ecological packaging. This is already sufficient to buy, restore and optimise 5.000 m² of wetlands.

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(Picture from Ronald Messemaker)