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To best help our customers with their packaging needs, Moens Packaging has a very wide range to choose from. But our range is limited

Design your own bottle

Are you looking for a custom-made bottle perfectly suited to your activities? We offer the ideal solution for this!

  • Specialised know-how: In cooperation with our responsible sales staff and our specialised knowledge, we guide you through this process as thoroughly as possible.
  • Personalised design: When we have a clear idea of the concept and vision of the bottle, we start producing the appropriate mould. Additionally, we can also print or sleeve the bottle with your personal logo. We can also assist you with the suitable closure of your bottle. Would you like a child-resistant cap, a cap with built-in spray, atomiser, valve? These are all options we can help you with. These caps can also be further personalised with your logo, name or an incremental unique number using laser technology.
  • Total concept: We take care of total development from mould production to just-in-time delivery in large and small volumes.

Cutting pumps and sprays

Do you need a pump or a spray that exactly matches the dimensions of your bottle? 

Thanks to our cutting machine, we can cut any pump or spray to the correct set height. 

Sleeving or labeling

You can also contact us for sleeving or labeling your packaging. 

For this we cooperate with a sheltered workplaces. 

Bagging cans

Do you wish for certain quality reasons to receive your plastic cans in separate bags? We have an appropriate machine for this!

Wrapping pallets 

To have your packages transported safely, we always wrap them with film. For this we use our wrapping machine. 

To reduce waste production, we have switched from 20 micron film to 15/16 micron film. This film is 100% recyclable. 

3D printer

Having problems closing cans or jerrycans?

Moens Packaging can make a 3D printed key suitable for any canister!

Reverse pallets 

Would you like the goods to be delivered on a plastic pallet instead of a wooden pallet? Or do you need buckets or jars delivered with the opening downwards (dust-free)? 

Thanks to this machine, we can easily flip pallets and adjust them to the customer’s preference.