My Recyled Content portal (Valipac)



What does this entail?
Valipac awards a €50/tonne recycling bonus to companies that buy plastic packaging that:

  • Is made from at least 30% post-consumer recycled material,
  • Are used to package and sell goods in Belgium,
  • The producer/distributor can be found on the portal and the products are also on the portal,
  • You are a customer of Valipac.

Thanks to this portal, companies can find producers/distributors who sell recycled packaging.

Our customers can get this bonus if they buy our products listed on the “My Recycled Content” portal.

Advantages Recycled plastic Packaging

Reduce plastic waste and encourage a circular economy

Companies are encouraged by collecting waste more selectively and paying more attention to (new) recycling channels. This in turn benefits the economy and local employment.

Combating climate change

Producing plastics from recycled materials generally consumes less energy than producing plastics from virgin raw materials. This also reduces the carbon footprint.

By using recycled material in corporate plastic packaging, your company helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the extraction, transport and processing of virgin raw materials. Every tonne of recycled plastic, reduces CO2 emissions by 3.03 tonnes.

Benefits of using recycled plastic packaging

Contribute to the conservation of natural resources: the demand for new raw materials will be reduced, thus saving our earth’s natural resources