How are PET bottles produced?



Tube bottle

PET bottles can be manufactured in a 1-stage process or a 2-stage process.
Discover the difference below:

1-stage (One-Step) Process:

  • In the 1-stage process, the entire manufacturing process is carried out in one machine. 
  • The pre-forms (small tubes of molten PET granules) are blown directly into the desired bottle shape.
  • This process is fast and efficient, but it requires a sophisticated machine capable of both melting and blowing.

2-stage (Two-Step) Process:

The 2-stage process is divided into two separate steps:

  1. Preform production:
  • In this phase, the pre-forms are created. This is done in a separate machine. These can also be purchased on the market from a manufacturer of the pre-forms.
  • The pre-forms are shaped like small tubes and are not yet inflated into bottles.
  1. Blowing
  • The pre-forms are sent to another machine to be blown into the final bottle shape.
  • The 2-stage process is more flexible, as preform production and blowing can take place independently.


  • 1-stage: Faster, but requires an advanced machine.
  • 2-stage: More flexible, but consists of two separate stages.

Both processes result in high-quality PET bottles suitable for food packaging and other applications. 🌟