Plastic Packaging Tax



PET packaging

Since the 1st of April, the Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) has been introduced in the United Kingdom.

What is the tax?
Producers and importers who make/import plastic into the UK have had to pay an additional cost of £200 per tonne of plastic packaging since 1 April. There is an exception to the tax if the plastic packaging consists of at least 30% recycled plastic.
Please note! Bio-HDPE does not count as recycled plastic.

Who does the tax apply to?

What are eco-friendly alternatives to virgin plastic?

  1. PCR = Post Consumer Recycled
    PCR material comes from waste collected from consumers, after which this plastic is sorted, cleaned and ground into new usable HDPE or PP.
    It is possible to produce bottles, cans, buckets and drums from recycled material.
  2. PIR = Post Industrial Recycled
    PIR bottles and cans are made from the surplus and waste from the production process.
    Therefore no waste occurs during the production of plastic packaging.
  3. RPET = Recycled PET
    On request we are happy to look into the possibility of offering your bottles in recycled PET.
    Depending on the percentage of recycled PET, your bottle will have more irregularities (darker look).

You can find more information about our ecological packaging HERE